Drone Race Association Lodz

Drone Race Association
Drone Race Association Lodz

Drone Race Association Lodz – Łódzkie Stowarzysznie Drone Racingu

Objectives and means of action of the

  1. The aim of the Association is raising the level of sports, dissemination and popularization of drone racing in Poland and especially in the province of Lodz.
  2.  The Association pursues its objectives through paid or unpaid public benefit activities :
    1 / association of associations and other entities involved in the development of drone racing,
    2 / propose development directions drone racing in Poland and in the Lodz region,
    3 / organizing sports competition in the country,
    4 / participation and complicity in organizing training and retraining of instructors, coaches and referees,
    5 / initiation and conduct of information on the drone racing,
    6 / exercise control over the observance by members of the Association Statute, resolutions of the rules and practicing drone racing,
    7 / promotional activities in the field of drone racing,
    8 / interaction with state authorities and local governments and non-governmental organizations in matters of promoting the development of drone racing,
    9 / supporting members of the Association in achieving its statutory objectives,
    10 / dissemination of good manners drone racing,
    11 / fixing the calendar of events,
    12 / nominate candidates for the national team,
    13 / conducting training drone racing, organization of competitions, camps, demonstrations, courses, workshops and lectures,
    14 / conduct their own centers drone racing,
    15 / cooperation with international organizations drone racing and participation in international sports competitions,
    16 / encourage all forms of cultural activity connected with the drone Racing
    17 / business publishing to the needs of the Association and its members, as well as initiate and promote the issuance of magazines and textbooks on the drone racingowej,
    18 / foster the development of drone racing among children and adolescents,
    19 / conducting sports statistics drone racerów and analyze its results.
    20 / supporting organizing new associations drone racingowych,
    21 / tasks – from its scope of action – commissioned by the government and local government,
    22 / conducting activities to protect the environment,
    23 / settling disputes between members of the Association.